A fun, educational, straight-talk “potcast”, about all things marijuana

Kali and Kronica help you find out the best strain to smoke for your sign.  Find out what sign's temperament and how best to get high to enhance your best features.  We share some information on what we're smoking.  Chips were consumed.  We added dip.  It was amazing.  Kali tests Kronica with Stoner Trivia.

We get hooked up at Phenos dispensary in Modesto, CA: https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/phenos

We play Stoner Trivia and Kronica's got game: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/stoner-trivia/id1494743007 

Kali and Kronica help listeners to understand how to find information on what strains work best for different types of pain.  In addition, they meander aimlessly through several topics because, well, they're stoned.  MUST listen to the end to hear the funny yet disgusting story about the soggy chips.


Kali and Kronica's husbands get involved in episode seven with elaborate plans to pretend to take the cannabis suppositories.  We told them to keep their day jobs.



Kali & Kronica talk all things cannabis with a side of suppositories. Kali takes one for the team and Kronica cooks up some suppositories and lube.  Sublime Fuzzies - Super Silver Haze keep us motivated! 

 Sex, lube, suppositories, and cannabis!

Shout out to the podcast Sweaty and Pissed - all about menopause.

A bonus episode for subscribers - Kali and Kronica's husband try to understand what we are doing - #spoileralert - they don't. 



Kali & Kronica share some exciting news - we have FANS!!! On this episode we explore the many ways to explore cannabis for the cannacurious.  Kali bores Kronica with her technical knowledge on dabbing, stories were told, chips were consumed.  Remember we're high and you should be too!

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Kali and Kronica bring in the new year with some fresh bud and hilarious conversation about trending marijuana topics.  Don't forget to light up before you tune in!

Correction:  Fuzzies smoked were super silver haze with hash, dipped in terpenes and rolled in keif



 Kali and Kronica get their smoke on, talk about decarboxylation (we get super sciencey), and micro-dosing.  Plus personal experiences with edibles and which one of us is going to take one up the butt for the team.


Kali and Kronica discuss CBD - what is it?  How can it benefit you and your pets?  Plus we smoke some Pink Maui - YUM! and Key Lime Pie - Delicious!  We discuss using tinctures, hash and suppositories.  Tune in and give us a shout out on heywannacannabis.blog.  

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Leafly: Leafly.com

Weediquette: https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/weediquette-id

East Bay Caregivers: https://weedmaps.com/deliveries/east-bay-caregivers


On Episode 2 - Kali and Kronica explore the history of marijuana.  CORRECTION:  The information on Thomas Jefferson patenting the decorticator is incorrect.  The original machine was created in 1890 and a farmer named Bernagozzi from Bologna manufactured the first machine.

Welcome to the Hey Wanna Cannabis podcast, a fun, education, straight-talk "potcast", about all things marijuana. In Episode 1 you will meet Kali and Kronica and learn more about why these best friends decided to start a podcast all about exploring our canna-curiousity about mary jane and her good friend hemp.  Check out our introduction and then follow us on Hey Wanna Cannabis on Facebook, @heywannacannabis on Instagram and heywannacannabis.blog.  Let us know what you think, if you have suggestions and share any stories you have about the benefits of using cannabis and CBD.  We would love to hear from you!

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WARNING:  This podcast discusses marijuana use and is sexually explicit.  Please use caution when listening to this podcast.